My story

Hi, I Am Pushpa Devariya, Founder & CEO of Sushdeva Clothing Boutique. As a woman entrepreneur & a start-up owner, I understand the overwhelming journey one can face in the pursuit of launching their dream business.

As a boutique launch expert, I am keen to guide and coach anyone who wants to start their entrepreneurial journey in the Clothing & Tailoring Segment. I am on a mission to coach and help 6000 entrepreneurs by 2025, to launch their unique Boutique Businesses successfully.

With 25+ years of corporate experience and managing the full life-cycle of a customer, the CRM expertise I gathered, coupled with my passion for the clothing business, helped me take a leap of faith & launch my own Customized Tailoring Boutique for women & children in 2019. My journey has been enriching and today, SushDeva Clothing Boutique caters to custom-tailoring needs of men, women, and children, up-cycling & furnishings to a widespread global clientele.

Beginnings are always scary but with the appropriate help, the adventure turns into a life-changing & dream-fulfilling experience. I personally believe there is enough business for all. If you have the threshold to be persistent, consistent and add value to your customers, then let us talk. If there is an ever-burning passion in you to launch your own dream boutique, with my experience we can make your dream come true, with ease & joy.

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My Journey as an Entrepreneur :
Having started my dream company SushDeva Clothing Boutique in November 2019, it was within a span of 4 months the Pandemic happened. It was a total wash out.

But as an Entrepreneur, I knew one thing, it is my decision to take an action and move with the flow. So what did I do? Here is the list of things that I immediately along with my Tailors made it happen:

1. The day our Honourable Prime Minister announced about Cloth Masks, there was no stopping. I used all the Cotton Fabric I had in store and made the 3 layer masks in different styles. I approached Corporates and supplied to them as well in huge quantities. We supplied to BPCL, Madurai, BigTec, Bangalore and few others. SushDeva was probably the only Boutique that was open in the local area in Chennai which catered to almost 15 residential communities across the stretch I had my Boutique.

2. I reached out to all clinics around my local location and made surgical gowns. Each clinic initially needed only 2-3 gowns, given the size of their clinic. But due to the Pandemic demand and treatments to be done, the order size grew from 3 to 15 per clinic. I covered over 30 clinics in my vicinity. These were Dental Clinics, Eye clinics, General Physician clinics and many other small hospitals who needed supplies of Gowns. These gowns were not the PPE disposable ones, but the ones made of thick Cotton Fabric.

3. Senior citizens who needed to undergo surgeries or other age related ailments needed home gowns. We made them. Diapers were out of stock, we made them in pure cotton fabric and supplied to these patients.

As an Entrepreneur, one needs to be on their toes, take action and adapt to the situation. This helped SushDeva to build its brand just due to pure humanity service and being able to jump into action mode.

After the whole COVID scenario started to ease and slowly we were able to see the market open, we got back to business. For the timely help that was offered during the Pandemic, these customers were the ones who went to support by referring new customers to SushDeva. Good Karma always works 😊